Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gazing at the Stars

Today’s post is a bit of a fluff piece, but I hope it is something you enjoy thinking about.

Aside from a Bradley Cooper (Hangover, He’s Just Not That in to You) sighting, there are few movie stars or musical artists that would cause me to hyperventilate. I met Gavin Rossdale at a Bush concert in Norman once, and I immediately was dragging him over to meet my friends…leaving him astonished at my boldness. However, if you put me within 50 feet of one of my favorite athletes I can barely speak.

This week the Twins, my favorite baseball team, were in Arlington for a four game series with the Rangers. I had really great seats each night. Thursday I ran down to the dugout right after the last pitch of the 6-4 Twins win. Being that close to Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel sent me into a frenzy! Why are we so fascinated by athletes? Is it that their autograph holds a certain dollar value? Is it that we can brag about meeting them, if we are so lucky? Or is it that they are living the dream of playing a sport we love, and are so successful at it? I’m guessing it is a combination of reasons. I am so passionate about the Twins. Their victories are my victories. Joe Mauer is integral to that success, therefore, I am in awe of him. I would love to visit with him about baseball, but just to see him is exciting. In May I was able to attend the Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth. While waiting on a friend I was blessed to find Ian Poulter standing right in front of me after finishing the 18th green. My hand shook and my voice quivered as I held up a paper fan for him to sign. I didn’t come down from that high for days! He is my favorite golfer. Thankfully I poised myself well enough to talk hockey with Stewart Cink when he came through. You better believe I told everyone I knew about our small chat and about the tweet he sent out for me that evening.

So what athletes would leave you star struck? Who would you chose to have over for dinner? What experiences do you have to share? By all means, open up the discussions…an encounter isn’t much if you don’t tell your friends and an autograph is worth far more displayed in your home or office than what it would bring on eBay.


  1. i met Raef Lafrentz in high school, my mega mavericks crush at the time and it was phenomenal... didn't want to wash the arm that went behind his back for the picture we took together. haha
    More recently I chatted it up with JET Terry, telling him that he was my grandma's favorite player. He told me to give her a shout out for him :) and then DIRK Nowitzki took a picture with my friends and I. we were too nervous to speak, but Melody somehow managed to mutter "Guten Tag, Auf Wiedersehen" which Dirk repeated back to us!
    I love athletes!

    Where can i read this twitter post that you're talking about???

  2. Ah that is Awesome Amanda! Melody is so gutsy! Twitter was so long ago...he has actually said a couple things to me but the one I mention was about the results of a poll he sent out on Twitter about the NHL Playoffs. He just laughed and laughed that I wanted to talk hockey and not golf! He is such a hockey fan so I think he enjoyed it! I love athletes too!