Saturday, January 2, 2010

Move If Ya Wanna!

Hello Sports Fans and Loyal Friends! Welcome to 2010 and KooKoo's Review!
First order of business is...this is a free-to-read Blog! If you are not diggin my free flowing opinions and choice of topics you have two choices: post a comment...let it rip...I promise I will have a counter argument, or in the words of MIMS...Move If Ya Wanna! You are under no obligation to stay here.

Speaking of movin...and I do mean movin...this first post will be a shout out to Usain Bolt. A man who no one else...MOVE! Bustin a 100 (that's 100 meters on a track ladies) in 9.58 seconds. He has had one heck of a 2009. This Jamaican has become a household name world wide...mostly for his signature Bolt pose. As his mother says "even as a small child he would run instead of walk." Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from the "Fastest Man Alive" as we start the new year. Move!