Friday, June 3, 2011

Why So Serious?

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we sports fans get a little umm…too intense. We tend to forget that sport is intended to be fun, entertaining, a recreational activity and a way to de-stress. You know as well as I do that for the true sports fan it is virtually impossible to take our favorite sports lightly…especially during playoffs season! I am always wrapped up in a complete zone of tension over the sport event of the moment: NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, PGA Tour event of the week, the latest Twins loss. Then there is the intrigue over the latest news development or topic of interest: Shaq’s retirement, should “fill-in-the blank” get suspended, was Tressel really forced to trade in that iconic vest and tie of his!? Enough already. After recent events such as the heartbreaking Blackhawk’s loss in round one of the NHL Playoffs to the Canucks, the elimination of the OKC Thunder from the NBA Playoffs and the thrilling playoff victory by my friend Keegan Bradley at the HP Byron Nelson Championship this past weekend… I have decided to mellow out a bit.
Surely there is a way to take in the laid back joy of sport, right?! My recreational sand volleyball league starts June 12. However, anyone that knows me knows or has seen me play volleyball, knows I will likely be yelling at someone for poor play at some point during that first match. At the very least someone will get hit in the face by one of my serves and I will merely mutter, “meh.” Maybe I will go watch my buddy play in his adult hockey league at the local Dr Pepper Stars Center. It is always entertaining to watch the Shockers Hockey team in action…and my buddy in the penalty box! Plus, a good friend of mine will be in town tonight to play some minor-league baseball. See…there…it can be done. I am willing and able to enjoy sports in a healthy and balanced way. Wait…Rory McIlroy is tied for the lead at the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village….he is starting on my fantasy golf team this week!!! Padding my lead Rory! That a boy!! On second thought…I am a lost cause.

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