Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What’s Not to Hate? Why it is Easy to Despise the Yankees.

Another season…another exciting trip to the post season…another humiliating sweep by the Yankees. This is the status of the Minnesota Twins and all who invest their loyal fandom into this club. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach the day I heard the Twins would face the Yankees in the 2010 ALDS (American League Division Series). This immediate reaction to a defeat not yet realized, was the result of knowing all too well the history of the Twins vs. Yankees post season play. 2003, 2004, and 2009 resulted in a 9-2 record in favor of the Yankees over the Twins in post-season match-ups. For the second season in a row, the Twins would face the Yankees in round one. The 2009 remarks of “David vs. Goliath” rang in my head. However, in 2010 Minnesota had home field advantage and would play their first playoff game outside in the Twin Cities (Target Field) for the first time since 1970. The American League Central Champs should be able to knock off the AL wildcard right? No…second year in a row equaled the second 3-game sweep in a row for the Yankees over the obviously mentally blocked Twins. Remember that sinking feeling I mentioned? This wasn’t just the feeling of a fan who knew the upcoming challenges her team would face…I hate…despise…detest…the New York Yankees. To a point that leaves me a bit nauseous.
The New York Yankees…you love them or you utterly hate them. Am I right? It’s like Notre Dame, or the Dallas Cowboys. The Yankees are the most beloved baseball team in America, as well as, the most loathed. I can’t tell you why people dislike the Yankees. I can, however, touch on why I personally flinch when they are mentioned. See if you can relate…or are you a Bronx Bomber faithful?
1. All of the above: They lord over my team every year! In this decade I would guess that the Yankees are hated most in the Twins Cities…second only to Boston. What’s not to hate?
2. Money isn’t everything. Just ask the Tampa Bay Rays. However, it obviously does not hurt. The Yankees have a current payroll of $206,333,389. Nasty. This is the second highest payroll in MLB history. I must note that money, though it does not hurt, doesn’t always help either. The highest payroll in history was the New York payroll of 2008 ($209, 081,577). Ask Yankees fans who they cheered for during that post season, as their boys also watched the playoffs from home. Still…with all that money and clout being thrown in our faces…what’s not to hate?
3. New York, exorbitant amounts of cash flow, celebrities vowing allegiance, clean-cut pretty boys. This could go one of two ways. But, I say give me down-home All-American boys (or even one hot 1st baseman from British Columbia), raised up from a successful farm system, playing in a smaller market, with fans like you and me. You can’t walk a mile in NYC without seeing Derek Jeter in some advertisement, in some window. Those Yankee boys even pose when they are sliding home! Their every movement is calculated because they know all eyes are on them. A little too much like Paris Hilton for me! What’s not to hate?
4. Last, the “there is nothing and no-one money can’t buy” principal. I was somewhat of a Rangers fan a few years ago. My favorite players? A one Alex Rodriguez and a one Mark Teixeira. A-rod (or as I like to call him…A-fraud) was brought to Texas making history with his $252 million contract that would have ended in 2010 (can you imagine?). A-rod was the 2003 AL MVP (leaving the illegal substance thing alone here). However, the Rangers came in last place in their division the three years he was on the roster. In 2004 New York bought out this contract. A-rod has won MVP awards in 2005 and 2007 since that trade. Mark Teixeira (Big Tex) started his rookie season in 2003 for the Rangers. After brief stints in Atlanta and LAA, he was signed to a contract of 180 million over eight years for the Yankees 2009 season. Perhaps the most shocking and unsettling trade…Johnny Damon’s jumping of the ship from the Boston Red Sox team he pivotally helped win a World Series for in 2004 to his arch rival. In 2006, after campaigning for a larger contract, even to Red Sox skipper Terry Francona, Damon signed a $52 million over four year contract with the Yankees. In reports, Damon basically said the he urged Boston to pay him more money, but the Yankees players were calling to recruit him and they did a good job of it. Please note the agent for all three of these All-Stars: Scott Boras. Mammas don’t let your babies be represented by Scott Boras! While you’re at it…pray your favorite player doesn’t get nabbed by New York. Every offseason fans fear the Yankee front office, as well they should. What’s not to hate?
Fact is…the Yankees are good. A little too good. A little too easy to hate!


  1. Friend of Lloyd Taylor's here. He told me I should check this out because I might like it. AFFIRMATIVE! There's not a lot I enjoy more than Yankee-hating!

    It is tough. As a Red Sox fan, we've endured it in the same division & then the playoffs for years. Our guys finally broke through and socked it to them a couple times, but it wasn't easy. I guess that's what makes it so special whenever it does happen.

    Keep your chin up, though. I loved the ESPN documentary that was recently made chronicling the '04 ALCS where the Sox came back from the 0-3 deficit to win the series. David Ortiz won Game 4 with a walk-off homerun. After the game he had one of the most marvelous, hope-filling quotes: "You never know what can happen. Things can change." Just having won 1 measly game -- even before they won the next 3 games -- they believed.

    And it's so true. Things can change.

  2. Thanks for the post! Yes...that ALCS was the most exciting baseball I have watched! Here's to change! Now come on Rangers! :)