Friday, November 12, 2010

Keep it Clean Boys! The Cam Newton Issue

Now...Cameron (Cam) Newton of Auburn may not have asked for money...he may not have even wanted to be involved in the solicitation of money to play. Should he still be held accountable? Of course! You can bet on this...he KNEW his father was asking for a sum of money for Cam to decide which uniform... to put on. Would it be hard to tell Daddy you were going to take no part in that type of behavior? YES! However, it was still his responsibility to remain clean and ethical. You know who I feel sorry for? Second place. In the latest Heisman Race points Cam Newton had 73 total points. Second place belongs to LaMichael James of Oregon and Kellen Moore of Boise State with 53 points each. How would you like to win the Heisman in this case. Knowing that without this scandal there would be no way for you to win the award over the Auburn stud! No thanks. I would only want the honor if I KNEW it was really mine to have! What do you think?

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