Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What beats Ian James Poulter's pretty pants on the golf course? His passion on and off the course! Ian Poulter is one of golfs' most colorful and exciting figures to follow. Yes his tartans, (pants as they are called in England) designed by his own label IJP Design, are stylish to say the least, but Pouler offers a unique style of professional golf that is refreshing. Sure sure...the usual suspects are great to watch on a Sunday afternoon: Tiger, Phil, Y.E. Yang...I mean Anthony Kim. But are they entertaining you day to day with their fun-loving personalities and zeal for life? Poults as he is affectionately called by friends and fans, lives to entertain. The Orlando AND London resident is one of Twitter's most active PGA professionals...and on Arsenal Game days...Poulter's beloved football club in London...He is VERY active! Poults lets fans into his life so extensively via Twitter and one feels like they know him so much more than most other PGA Professionals. Isn't it more fun to feel you have a sense of who your favorite sports figures are? A devoted father and husband, loyal Arsenal fan, Orlando Magic season ticket holder, designer of his own golf apparel line, silly golfer from Across the Pond! A false look into his life?...genius PR? Who knows...if he is marketing it...I'm buying.

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